WordPress Development: Why You Should Choose WordPress?


Why you should go for WordPress development for your website. But before I proceed let me tell you history about WordPress what is it and how it was started. WordPress is the web content management system. It was started in 2003, with a goal to boost typography of writing. In the starting period of the WordPress, there were only few users around that you can count easily on your fingers and even toes. But nowadays, it has become the largest self-hosted blogging tool around the globe. Now there are not only few users around, but there are millions of users worldwide. According to the company itself, WordPress is used on uncountable sites everyday where it is seen by millions of people every day.

WordPress is growing day by day since it started because developers are working hard to provide the latest and powerful technology tools to individuals as well as businesses. Why people are choosing WordPress Development? It is very simple. With themes, tools, widgets and many more features, WordPress provides users lots of benefits. Only the people can understand the importance and need of WordPress who are aware of WordPress web development. There are 2 main reasons about why people choose this web development tool. The first one is the greatest graphical flexibility; in this open source there are lots of themes and you can update and edit themes easily for the best personalization.


Why The WordPress Development is Right For You?

The main reason word-press development can be right choice for you is because of its Flexibility in Structure; here you are free to create as number of pages as you can. The main feature of the WordPress is multi-language support and support for multiple domains that make it better for CMS development. User rules feature is the most beneficial feature of the WordPress that allow users to define user rules. Now there are only three rules it supports that are: users cannot publish content, but can draft, users can draft and publish their content and also other people’s content and the users who can publish and draft their own content only.

Wordpress Development

Different Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org


WordPress.com is blogging platform which allow people to create personal blogs for absolutely free. It is limited and free which has not lots of facilities to user. Paid version of WordPress provides full access to its all features.


By using WordPress.org you can have benefits of free plugins, themes and lots other features. You will just to buy hosting plan to host your own website or blog.

There is a question that comes to every person’s mind that is: which is the feature of WordPress that allow visitors to post comments? This feature is Web 2.0 Functionality of WordPress, it allows visitors to give their comments. It does not just allow visitors to post comments, but it also allows them to register and create personal blogs. Apart from other features, WordPress allows users to add custom content type and visitors to use it as a social network platform. Add-on modules feature is also playing a vital role in the development of WordPress. It provides access to visitors to create groups and make friends. Above mentioned reasons are the basis that are said to be most beneficial features of WordPress. I would highly recommend it to you if you want your website to be developed then go for WordPress development as later you will thank me by getting great benefits features of WordPress CMS.

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