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Our Website Privacy Policy

We may require to collect your personal information including such as internal pages, IP Address, browsers info etc for just better service purposes. Your privacy is very crucial for us and we will not leak it at any cost. This privacy policy will be updated time by time when required.

Cookies and Web Beacons

When needed, In order to provide better services to visitors with personalized content, the website will use cookies to store an information about the visitors’ history and preferences.

Controlling Privacy For Visitors

Note: The settings of your browser can be changed to disable cookies if you have any privacy related concerns. We recommend you to not disable cookies for all websites as it can intervene with use of your websites which you often use. To get familiar regarding the option of cookies disable and enable check out your browser documentation.

About Advertising Networks.

All the advertisements services by affiliated companies, Google or Taboola can be controlled based on the usage cookies. Based on your visits to this site the cookies allow Google Ad Network or any other network display ads related to your interest. To learn more about Google’s cookie usage you can visit “Google’s Privacy Policy Page“. As we clearly mentioned above, any kind of tracking done by any advertiser such as Google or other advertiser is through cookies and its own privacy privacy policies.

About Google advertising:

What is the “DoubleClick DART” cookie?

Google uses “The DoubleClick DART”  to allow AdSense content ads service on publisher website owner. A cookie drops in user’s browser when visitor visit an AdSense publisher’s website and view or click on given ads. The gathered information from the cookies will be used AdSense publisher to provide better serve and manage the advertisements on the website. Visitor can opt out the usage of DART cookie by visiting GOOGLE ad network privacy policy.

If you’re using this site then you must agree with Privacy Policy provided above.