Nowadays, modern flat screen TV is presented with numerous ports. Usually they have multiple HDMI ports, VGA ports and DVI ports. Once you connect macbook to tv port, it provides you the options to watch movies or other audio visual contents with better resolution on a bigger screen.

If you want to watch movies on your large TV screens through your laptops or you want to do your work through laptop with a bigger screen for convenience, it would not be a costly luxury. You can have it yourself without spending much money.


There are following two ways you can connect A Mac-book to a TV. Either you can use a VGA port or HDMI port for this.

TVs that have an HDMI port, it is easy to connect them with a laptop. Now, all flat screens and LCD s are found to have at least one HDMI port. Many come with more than one port. On the other hand, VGA ports are present in all new TV sets as well as older TV. If you don’t have an HDMI port or if you don’t want to use that, you can still connect your Mac pro with your TV. Simply connect the TV and laptop using a VGA cable. Sound can be hooked up using an AV audio cable of 3.5mm. You will be required to change the mode to VGA in settings option of your TV.

connect macbook to tv

What Are Requirements To Connect MacBook To TV:

Following are the essential accessories that will be required for the connection. Get them if you haven’t purchased yet.

  • A suitable HDMI cable
  • A Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter. If your computer comes with a built in HDMI connection, you will not need it.
  • A 3.5 mm AV Audio cable to connect sound from your laptop to your television. The audio cable enables sound, but you can use such Mini Display ports that enable sounds as well. In that case you will not require a separate audio cable.

  Steps To Connect Macbook to TV:

  • Simply connect the cable to the HDMI port of the TV. The other end can be directly connected to the laptop if a suitable port is present there.
  • If the port of the same size is not there, use a mini display port to connect the two.
  • If a direct connection is made between the TV and the computer, no cable is required to hook up the sound.
  • If the mini display port is used, use a 3.5mm AV audio cable to hook up the sound. This cable should be hooked in the headphone socket of the laptop and the other end of the TV set.
  • Now adjust the mode of audio in the settings option on the TV. Change it from digital to video mode.
  • Once done, now you can switch on the TV anytime and change the input mode to HDMI. Now you are ready to watch videos from your Mac book on TV with sounds on TV speakers.

 Enjoy the convenience!

I hope you have now learnt easy steps to connect macbook to tv via hdmi. Let me know if you have any question by commenting. Share this article with your friends and family by using social sharing buttons 🙂

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